Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Blue Belle and Shine Y'all By Gabriel Cosmetics In Collaboration With Brooke Anderson

Hello everyone. 

I'll state upfront that the two polishes I am showing today were complementary for a news release I did a few weeks ago about a new collection created by Gabriel Cosmetics in collaboration with Brooke Anderson. These colors individually sell for $8.50 or $38.50 for the set of six. 

Blue Belle

Now that said, of the six colors released, the one shade that I personally loved was Blue Belle. I am a lover of blues, especially the deep cobalt ones. Blue Belle was one of the deepest and most gorgeous that I had  seen. 

You can imagine the big grin that came across my face when I opened the package and there was that gorgeous blue. Blue Belle is a rich deep blue with just the right amount of shimmer. 

I had no issues with the application. This polish was smooth to go on and I had full coverage with two coats. As all Gabriel products, it is of excellent quality.

My husband for the most part doesn't notice my polish to much. But this one, got a comment. He loved it. Every time I would come home from somewhere, he wanted to know if anyone said something about my nails. This one is a sure winner. 

Shine Y'all

Shine Y'all is full of  holographic silver glitter of two sizes. It is mostly made up of very fine glitter with small sized hexes. It adds up to quite a dramatic look, just perfect for the upcoming holiday season. 

As far as the design, there is a height gradation with the glitter tips. I made them to be thinner on the middle finger and gain height as they work their way to the small finger and thumb. 

I finally used some of my Nail Vynals and worked with the larger chevron. 

A Word About Gabriel Cosmetics

I am familiar with Gabriel Cosmetics. Most Organic stores have their products and I already had a couple  of their polishes. They are Leaping Bunny certified which rates highly in my book. Gabriel is also certified gluten free, certified natural and 100% vegan.

They have a fun line of skin care and make up. What I like is that they also have gift sets from $25-$75.

This link to Gabriel Cosmetics if you want to further investigate their line of products

Here's the whole set, I think every color is well thought out. It looks to be a great overall collection. 

And since Gabriel is a Leaping Bunny company, Mr. BB approves.

Well, that wraps up this post. As usual, take care until we meet again.............



  1. I love both lacquers very much and the combo is just gorgeous!

  2. And to get this one, my favorite of the group! I will wear this one a lot. I don't think I will be needing anymore dark blue shimmers. There is no way they can top this one.

  3. This blue is amazing, and I'm not saying that because I'm a blue addict. It's stunning itself, period.
    And what about Mr BB? *______________* super cute furry beauty!

  4. It is, as I said even my hubby noticed it. And Mr. BB, well in the spirit of the nail art. he is a fur bomb.